Monday, January 10, 2011

So soft and cuddly!

One thing that's been bugging me as I've been building the game is the appearance of the walls. Even aside from the questionable texture choice, they look very much like they're assembled out of computer-generated blocks -- the corners are harshly, mathematically exact. They just don't look like walls that have been hacked out of the earth. So over the last couple days, I've been fiddling with the code I use to render the walls. It's been some pretty heavy work in the back end, but I'm finally getting pretty close to where I wanted to be on the walls. I still need to tackle the top of the wall though, because that corner's still sharp as can be, and I need to smooth it out a bit. That'll probably be another day or so of fiddling. In the meantime, at least the walls are looking a lot softer.

I will eventually be getting back to building real gameplay, but I'm kind of stuck on how I want some things to work and I can feel the back of my brain playing with ideas, so I'm trying to stay out of its road and let it figure stuff out while I keep myself busy with other stuff. One way or the other, by this weekend I intend to have a fairly detailed plan for how I want gameplay to work, because I've got next week off and I want to spend at least a couple days really grinding out a lot of progress in a hurry. I'm not going to get another chance to spend whole days focusing on code for the next while, so I've got to make the most of this opportunity and get as much done as possible. So by next weekend you should see some pretty significant progress, I hope!

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