Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now with randomness!

Having the same texture repeated over and over and over and over again gets pretty boring to look at. I came up with a very clever solution yesterday and spent four hours coding it and troubleshooting it -- this was really hard stuff, mind you, very complicated work in an area of XNA I hadn't played with much, so four hours of work is pretty intense -- and finally got it working. I hit Run, and the game started up... and played at about 4 frames per second. Or less.

That solution got thrown out.

Today, I came up with a new solution. A little less elegant, and it adds a lot more files to the project, but with a little attention to organisation things seem to be under control. I ended up having to create a batch of new textures, and while I'm not entirely thrilled with them -- they seem a little bland to me -- I still think it's less ugly than the old version was.

I've currently only got 4 textures for the wall faces, and still only 1 for the floor, but I have 8 for the tops of the walls. Not the most exciting thing ever but at least it breaks up the monotony.

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