Friday, January 21, 2011

Digging has begun!

I know, I know, I keep saying that eventually I'm going to move off the visual stuff and into gameplay... and look, I have! This screenshot shows what the game might look like when you tell your monsters to dig out some walls to expand some rooms. It currently works by basically laying the shovel/pickaxe icon on top of the wall, so as the camera rotates around the texture moves too. I'm debating switching it to a system more like the health bars, where the icons float in a fixed point in space. I think the tinting needs to stay -- it makes it really easy to pick out which squares are going to be worked on. Right now there's a problem with the tinting, in that it only works to bring things basically to black, so if I wanted to have different tints for different things going on (e.g. tint some squares blue to indicate that they're ice-cold) I can't do it. So there's work to do there.

Tinting goofiness aside, what do you guys think? Like the icons, or no? Have them floating, or leave them as an overlay on the wall top texture? Maybe lose the pickaxe and have just a shovel in that icon? Or vice versa? Any other thoughts?

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