Thursday, October 14, 2010

Invisible progress

One of the fun parts with any software project is that a lot of the work is invisible to the end user. A lot of that invisible work is behind-the-scenes coding, like some work I have coming up soon to make my monsters move intelligently around the dungeon, but a big chunk of it is stuff that doesn't actually directly impact the game. Things like setting up source control, for example. Which is, not so coincidentally, what I accomplished on Tuesday night. Before that, I got the code reorganised to be easier to maintain, and solved a weird graphics glitch.

All of this to say that the end result of three days work since the last time I posted is that the game looks and behaves exactly the same as it did before I started any of this work. But trust me, it's better on the inside!

Tonight I get to start on picking the tile the mouse cursor is over and highlighting it in some way, which means we're back to visible progress. Within the next day or two, I should have a screenshot worth posting!

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