Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to visible progress

The massive code cleanup effort of the past week has already paid dividends. It doesn't sound like much to non-coders, but in the space of two hours tonight I managed to get the right map square highlighted as the mouse moves around. Well, almost the right square. It's perfect for floors, not so hot for wall tiles. Still working out the kinks, dontcha know. ;-)

Giving myself some easier goals for this week. I'm going to get the highlighting working correctly, expand the screen size (the default project gives you a pretty tiny window), and make it fullscreen. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious and have time left, I might start in on selecting tiles and transforming them from wall to floor and back again.

I'm oddly excited by that prospect... It might not seem all that impressive, but it'll be the first real element of actual game that I'll be putting in.

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