Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frustration is good for the soul

The last couple days have been very educational for me. I've been trying to work on my new game, but I'm relearning that skill in one area does not equate to skill in other areas. In this particular case, ability to write great code does not translate into any kind of ability at all to design a game.

I'm accustomed to knowing what to do next, and how to do it, and even if I do get blocked I have techniques for brute-forcing my way to a point where I can get something useful done. None of that helps with game design though, leaving me rather frustrated. I am, quite frankly, completely lost.

Being a bit lost isn't a surprise, but what is surprising to me is just how quickly I hit that point. I figured I'd get much farther on in the project before I hit complete bafflement, at which point I'd at least have something I could show people and get some feedback. As it is, I ain't got squat. Just a bit of hand-waving and some gusts of warm air.

Oddly though, all this frustration and bafflement is making me happy. I'm not trying to make a living off of video games -- it would be fun, of course, and I'm trying to make a little money, but making my primary income off games isn't a realistic goal at this point -- so I'm really doing all this for fun and for the opportunity to stretch myself and learn new things. The fact that I'm lost is proof that I'm trying to do things I don't really know how to do, which means I must be learning, right?

Or at least that's way I'm taking it. :-)

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