Friday, October 14, 2011

The times, they are a'changing...

Yes, I know, I've been silent for months. And I'm sure it will shock people to find out that I've put this game on hold for a little while.

But! I have a good reason! I'm putting Welcome To The Dungeon on hold... so I can build a DIFFERENT game!

I've been doing a little research and I think I've got a decent chance of making enough money off indie games to nicely supplement my income. (And there's always the hope that a game will spontaneously take off and sell like crazy!) But I don't think Welcome To The Dungeon is the game to start with. It's something I'm building purely for fun, rather than profit, and frankly I don't think my game design skills are quite up to some of the more challenging aspects of it yet.

So this game goes on hold for a little while, and I'm on to a new project.

What project is that, you ask? Well, I haven't worked out the details yet. The spirit of the game takes inspiration from a few different sources, most notably Kobolds Ate My Baby (which is, by the way, an awesome game). It'll be a smaller adventure / puzzle-solving sort of game that follows its own quirky (and often deadly) logic and aesthetic, intended for broader distribution to more casual gamers. I'm hoping to get it onto mobile devices -- mostly Android phones & tablets -- as well as PCs. If things go well, I might use the proceeds to purchase a new Mac so I can also develop an iOS version.

I've got some more thinking and planning to do (including name selection) and once I get that stuff sorted out, I'll post up here again. What I'll probably do though is switch to a new blog that's more geared towards the company in general rather than a specific game, because I've already got tentative plans for a second new game once I get this first one sorted out...

So, if there's anyone out there still reading this blog... Any comments? Think my strategy makes sense?

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