Monday, February 7, 2011

Starting to look like a game!

I've spent the last couple days moving stuff around, trying to get my basement cleared out enough for an electrician to do the rough wiring. Not surprisingly, that hasn't left a whole ton of time for me to work on the game. Luckily, that particular bit is out of the road and tonight I cleared out some more time to get a bunch of work done, which mostly involved trying to get the kobold model into the game. It worked, but...

Well, here's the thing. I made the kobold model smallish, because kobolds are small, right?

But they were so small you couldn't even see that they had claws on their toes. That seemed a little excessively small to me. So I grew them almost 50%. Their eyes were still so small they were eating up maybe a pixel on my screen. That was just ridiculous. So I doubled the size of the eyes, and took this screenshot.

Things still ain't right.

So now I'm looking into zooming the camera in and out... It'd be a shame to spend all that time modeling these guys only to have them be so puny on screen that you couldn't even see what a horrible modeling job I did!

On the topic of the model, you may not be able to tell from this screenshot, but the model's head has changed pretty significantly. The nostrils have widened out a bit, the head was squashed in towards the middle, and the eyes and ears were both rotated quite a bit towards the back. Overall it's starting to look a whole lot more like Tom's artwork, although I'm still not doing it justice.

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