Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy crap this is ugly!

I've started modeling the kobolds, because it's something I can fiddle with in my spare time and it amuses me. At some point this weekend I'll get back to coding, but for now I'm having fun with this guy.

Of course, just because I'm having fun with it doesn't mean I'm actually any, y'know, good or anything. Still, they're getting steadily better and it's still (obviously) very early in the modeling process. You can probably get an idea of where they're going, and as the process goes on there'll be a bunch of changes that'll make them look better in a hurry, so don't worry too much about how ugly this guy looks right now.

It'd be nice to get the first incarnation of this guy done so I can start having real monsters in the game instead of just green blob man... :-)

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