Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well that was easy

A little TOO easy, one might say...

I've got the game updated so it can save and load at will. Right now, the save file name is hardcoded, and it's automatically loaded at startup (if it exists). I'll be working later this week on adding a proper save/load menu, which ought to be interesting. Honestly, writing data out to a file and reading it back in is generally pretty easy -- the hard work is the ten million details around that, like choosing a file, handling errors, displaying a menu, etc.

Still, considering how completely flattened I've been for the past week, it feels pretty damn good to have accomplished anything at all, even if it was just the really easy stuff.


  1. It sounds like your making fantastic progress. You could always go the route of old school games where we couldn't save.

    --Chris Mair

  2. Thanks Chris! I'm pretty happy with my progress overall. :-)