Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Administrivia is stressful

This evening was spent doing the initial work to set up a corporation. I've never done this before, and frankly, I'm finding the whole thing a little stressful. Not really for any good reason; just a random part of my brain that's freaking out a little at the prospect of being committed to actually following through with this whole crazy plan of building a computer game. So I'm ignoring it.

The plan for the week is to produce my first half-baked humanoid model, which will be used as the generic figure for both heroes and monsters (although I'll be giving it different colours to represent different unit types). After that, I'll be building the initial executable, getting the model rendered in the gamespace. That's actually a pretty quick step, so after that I'm going to give the model some floor to walk around on.

Normally, the player won't directly control monster movement, but it'll be a good step for now to help me make sure that characters can move around in believable ways, that I draw floor squares and tile them as I need to, and so on. Really just the first basic steps to manipulating objects in 3D space.

I've also got to get some more administrivia done, like starting on a website. I think that might be next week's work, or possibly a sideline for a few weeks.

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